What is Ruritan?

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Ruritan is a civic organization whose objectives include creating a greater understanding between rural and urban people on the problems of each, as well as on their mutual problems and working with those agencies which serve the community and contribute directly to its progress. It is similar to the service organizations of the cities but designed to meet the needs of rural people and rural communities.

Ruritan was founded in 1928 in Holland, Virginia, it has grown from the Tidewater area of Virginia to the foot hills of the Rockies: from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico, and in doing so, has become the largest rural civic organization in America.

The objectives of Ruritan as stated in the Ruritan National constitution are as follows:

  • To promote fellowship and goodwill among its members and citizens of the community, and to inspire each other to higher efforts.

  • To unify the efforts of individuals, organizations and institutions in the community toward making it an ideal place in which to live.

  • To work with those agencies that serve the community and contribute directly to its progress.

  • To encourage and foster the ideal of Service as the basis of all worthy enterprise.

  • To create greater understanding between rural and urban people on the problems of each, as well as on their mutual problems.

The membership of a Ruritan Club is composed of farmers, business and professional men and women and other concerned citizens of the community. The idea is for the membership to represent a cross section of the community in which it functions. A member may come into Ruritan upon invitation and approval of a membership committee, the Board of Directors and ninety percent of the membership of the club. Sixteen members are required as the minimum for the formation of a club. The club is open to all persons regardless of sex, race, age or nationality.

In 2011-2012, the Marlowe Ruritan donated nearly $15,000.00 to local families and groups around our community. The Marlowe Ruritan served breakfast to over 4,000 people, sold over $55,000.00 in pork, and donated picnic tables to Marlowe School.

In addition, the Marlowe Ruritan hosts multiple community events (4th of July breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Party) and sponsors both Boy and Girl Scout Troops.

The success of the club is due to our members' willingness to donate their time, their talent, and their abilities. If it were not for people, just like you, we could not be a positive impact to the community.

The Board of Directors realizes that there are many demands for our time and that we are dealing with economic hardship and uncertainty. Even so, it is important for us to continue to provide the same, if not higher, level of committment and community service to those in our area. We ask that you consider service to the community by volunteering or becoming a club member (membership applications are available for download at the bottom of the Our Members page).

  Marlowe Ruritan Meetings are held at 6:30 p.m.
the 3rd Thursday of each month at the Marlowe Ruritan Building.

Founded in May 1957, serving Marlowe & Falling Waters, WV
60 Years of Community Service, Fellowship, & Goodwill

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